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BRAINULE (Crazy Math) Everywhere, we look we find or tend to indulge in mathematical problems, we cannot avoid these numbers because the world is made up of number. These days the students and children are getting everything very easily in terms of calculations. They have calculators handy in their mobile phones, they have automated receipts along with debit and credit cards. Worrying about the change in a shop after shopping is not a big deal for them. All these new technologies have made them forget calculations as well as basic math. We bring to you the Brainule -The Math Learning Center where we work for the child’s overall developments as a mathematical thinker and making them use math in their everyday life and making them a lifelong learner. We at Brainule make sure the student use math and calculations, to make them understand math a little better. Our focus is to develop the right concept from the very beginning. We help students to understand different approaches to solve the problem and help them to pick up the right approach. We make mathematics enjoyable and easier for the students by including activities related to math and play games associated to the curriculum. We also develop clarity in thinking using the math puzzles, riddles, worksheets, visuals, mental and team games. We are using technology of gaming, virtual reality and augmented reality to our advantage to make math interesting. We have teachers who give their best efforts to bring out the best in the students. All the students in Brainule will undergo regular tests which will pinpoint their learning needs. We work with them to understand their weakness more clearly and help them improve it. Brainule’s unique assessment process determines each child strengths and weaknesses and what they need to learn. Assessments will continue throughout the year to check the progress and make sure the child holds on to the skills they’ve learned.