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Children are sporty creatures and they learn best when they enjoy what they are being taught. Unfortunately, many children today feel math boring and as result they get disconnected.As parents and teachers, it is our obligation to insure that the children enjoy what is being taught to them. This can be done by applying the current technology and different advanced teaching approaches that are impressive enough to create the curiosity of the student in math. The benefactors of making students learn math in an enjoyable way are many:

They develop multifarious interests - When they find a subject to be engrossing they will automatically will want to go on the far side of the textbooks and try to learn as much as they can. This will expand their horizon of knowledge and eventually help them to choose a career for themselves when they grow up. Their attention levels go up - When students find acquisition of math enjoyable they give their entire attention to it without getting disturbed. They savor involving in the class proceedings and math game activities, and automatically start learning a lot through experiential learning.

How to help the children enjoy what they are learning ? Focusing on activities - In application bound subjects like math, the teachers should give equal attention to the exercise and explanation. Different math games, quiz competitions and class discussions can be arranged by the teachers to increase the fun ratio and make the classes more productive. Make the lessons practical oriented - While teaching mathematics, try to connect the lessons to belongings that the student sees around them all day. This will help them to match the theory with practice session, and their perceptive will become clearer.

Acknowledge their achievements - Children likes to be appreciated and they get stimulated to work even ambitiously when they know that someone is observing their good work. So always recognize the attempts that your child is putting . This will give them a lot of commendation and raise their confidence. Keep these notes in brain while teaching your child to make them acquire math in a very gratifying way. The interest that they will create out of this will stay with them for a period of time and lead them to the road of prosperity.