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The world is divided in two types of people those who understands math and everybody else. We at Brainule believe that developing early skills in math is the key to building a foundation for future math learning. We try to teach with the new methods to make students understand the core of math. We provide students with new technologies, games, interactive activities, worksheets, team games, puzzles etc. To study math in a fun learning way. Here are the few ways of how we teach:

1.Activity Based learning - In Brainule classrooms, we have activity based learning opportunities. Group activities helps the students to learn easily with the help of teamwork. We have individual activities also which help the students to be more focused, try out individual ideas and make the student learn calculations.

2.Game based learning - The games keep student motivated, engaged, happy and achieve more in the real world.At Brainule we have board based, cards, physical games, online games which help the students to understand the concept easily. To develop logical thinking we have ,Puzzles like Sudoku, jigsaw, connect dots, maze,math puzzles which ensures that students have complete development.. When played in classroom, these solutions can rejuvenate the old and tiring exercises and make the students more engaged in the math class.To ensure that students develop speed and understand practical problems we have worksheets, online tests, games.

3.Video assisted learning - Video assisted teaching material is rich and powerful medium which is used to teach students.Video-based lectures provide a unique opportunity to present, teach, and internalize information; they are also excellent venues for focusing the students’ attention on specific details based on the prepared material itself. Therefore, judicious use of video resources can substantially increase the quantity and quality of time spent on task.To help students visualize the problem, we use both activity based and video based teaching. This make lessons interesting and generate curiosity. At Brainule we will be using the latest concept of Virtual reality and Augmented reality these digital solutions have the potential to make math topic interesting. Putting all these together in a digital classroom makes students more engaged in their study and lets the teachers monitor student activities carefully.